Firfire Youth Club (FYC)

Firfire Youth Club (FYC)

Leading the Youth

Firfire Youth Club is a group of passionate individuals. We are working as both national level and a local community based organization. Together we work for the development of every individual of the society with this we reach society a safe happy and prosperous place to live.

WHO we are

Firfire Youth Club aims to create a platform for community-based activities focusing on uplifting and preserving different cultural, social educational activities. The club not only focused on the community but also on every individual’s growth of youth within the community.







our works

Firfire Youth Club has been working on different areas and aspects from society beginning with cleanliness campaign. We started with our members cleaning surroundings of river and heritage site, took a step ahead and taught use of Microsoft programs with the rise of need of computers and online classes if students and teachers at the time of Covid crisis. Similarly, as our aim to give back something to the society that we lived we realizes that the essence of childhood games and bonding are trapped inside the fear of Covid 19. So, with all the precaution and preparation we conduct a ‘junior Football festival” for kids from 8-12 years where they learned and played perfect football games and we tried re-living our childhood.

We never forgot how we started and thought there are a lot more efforts to keep our surrounding clean and environment happy. FYC then created a project ” Aid from youth to environment protection” : Our plan was to give back nature, what it has lost in all those years because of behavior of people. While in today’s generation people are well known about environmental degradation and environmental conservation there are still some limitations as people are still unaware on “how to conserve the environment in proper way?” This project is a Simple answer to a Complex ‘How?’ of a willing individual and society. Our plan aims to children of schools as teaching one child is about teaching one family and one society. We completed two programs under this project with the help of Mahalaxmi Municipality -09 and Schools of Mahalaxmi Municipality.

We conducted Workshop on Waste management in School level where students learned about management of every kind of waste from home and school. We also conducted afforestation program and planted 150 trees in the Bandhara premises.

Our programs

Completed EVENTS



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Youth and Road Safety

Youth and Road Safety

Youth and Road Safety How many of you have played…

च्याउ, झ्याउ र मश्रुम कट

च्याउ, झ्याउ र मश्रुम कट

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